February 10, 2020

XYZ Public Health Inc.
West Palm Beach, Florida
Re: Business Sales Marketing Specialist

Dear Human Resources Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Neurosurgery Sales Surgery position, which is a strong fit with my background based on my recent MPH degree and crossover skill sets from my triple-concentration MBA and considerable B2B sales and business successes.

As a general manager for the Pure Water Division, I was the sales trainer and closer for a company that sold products and services to business owners. I was also an ambassador for the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, one of the largest chambers in the country, where networking and public speaking at events to promote Chamber membership and Pure Water products were essential skill sets of my successes there.

Furthermore, I feel that my master’s degree in public health validates my commitment to the healthcare industry and gives me a distinct advantage over competition in calling on surgeons and hospital staff to promote medical products. Plus, my high GPA in back-to-back graduate school programs attests to my excellent writing skills and expertise in Office 365. My successful career in sales was based upon my professional and courteous interpersonal skills. Moreover, the expertise, knowledge and skills requirements of this position were day-to-day requirements in many math, accounting, statistics and epidemiological courses of my graduate studies.

Additionally, I am well-prepared for the traveling aspect of this position, as my experience as a southern regional sales manager and then as a national sales manager had me up in the air traveling domestically many days per month, and I have a new car to drive locally and a passport to travel internationally. Finally, I am a physically fit former US Marine, walking 3 kilometers in 32 minutes virtually every day, and just switched from cardio to gym weight sets, so carrying 75 pounds or more of materials would not be a problem.

I look forward to interviewing with you about the Neurosurgery Sales Surgery position, as it fits in ideally with my career experiences and my recent advanced education. I can be reached directly at (940) 232-6677. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Richard Brown, MBA, MPH